University of Basel

The Carl Schlettwein Foundation works closely with the University of Basel’s Centre for African Studies Basel (CASB) to provide support for teaching and research. Their partnership goes back to the Basler Afrika Bibliographien’s establishment as a Namibia Resource Centre / Southern Africa Library and to efforts to fulfil the desire expressed among teachers and students to structurally anchor people’s increasing interest in Africa.

In 2001, the Carl Schlettwein Foundation funded the establishment of the Chair of African History, providing the basis for today’s African Studies programme at the University of Basel. The Carl Schlettwein Foundation continues to fund individual lectureships related to Namibia.


Promotion of African Studies at the University of Basel 


Collaboration with the Centre for African Studies (CASB) provides the Carl Schlettwein Foundation with the benefits of a strong operational partner capable of coordinating Africa-related teaching activities and events at the University of Basel together with private and public institutions in and outside of Europe. The CASB, in turn, profits from its access to the Basler Afrika Bibliographien’s event infrastructure, archival expertise and library. 

The CASB remains the sole institution in Switzerland offering a master’s and PhD programme in African Studies. Since 2005, CASB has held a distinguished “Carl Schlettwein Lecture” each year in honour of his work. Individual lectures are published in the series Carl Schlettwein Lectures.

In 1997, the University of Basel presented Carl Schlettwein with an honorary doctorate