Funded projects

From the beginning, the Carl Schlettwein Foundation has funded students in southern Africa as well as research and documentation projects and events with a scholarly focus on Namibia and southern Africa.

Previous projects 

MA, MEd and PhD scholarships have been awarded at the following universities:

  • University of Namibia
  • University of Cape Town
  • University of the Western Cape
  • Stellenbosch University
  • Rhodes University

A list of Carl Schlettwein Foundation alumni may be found here.
A list of completed research and documentation projects may be found here.

Ongoing projects

Namibian Story-telling Wordshops                                             
2018 – Windhoek
Dr. Dorian Haarhoff & Petra Dillmann

The Foundation has continued its support of the Story Theory and Stoty-telling Wordshops for children with special needs, conducted by Dr Dorian Haarhoff in collaboration with the Autism Asscociation of Namibia. The wordshops will draw more extensively on the theme of “absent father”, due to a new collaboration with the Fatherhood Foundation in Namibia.

"I wish to facilitate story workshops because stories appeal to all the five senses. In appealing to both parts of the brain, they have a way of getting through to people despite the loss of one of the senses (in this case hearing or sight). Stories also reach people where certain neural pathways are blocked because of a degree of mental handicap."

Dr. Dorian Haarhoff

Conference «Past, Present and Future of Namibian Heritage»
2018 - Windhoek
Dr. Jeremy Silvester – Museums Association of Namibia
The conference discusses the conditions and the future prospects of Public History among researchers, students, museum & archive associates and with policymakers.

Scientific Society Swakopmund
2018 – Swakopmund
Sam Cohen Library
IT-Infrastructure Contribution towards making the library catalogue accessible to the public.