Funded projects

From the beginning, the Carl Schlettwein Foundation has funded students in southern Africa as well as research and documentation projects and events with a scholarly focus on Namibia and southern Africa.

Previous projects 

MA, MEd and PhD scholarships have been awarded at the following universities:

  • University of Namibia
  • University of Cape Town
  • University of the Western Cape
  • Stellenbosch University
  • Rhodes University

A list of Carl Schlettwein Foundation alumni may be found here.
A list of completed research and documentation projects may be found here.

Ongoing projects

Namibian Story-telling Wordshops                                             
2016 – Windhoek
Dr. Dorian Haarhoff & Petra Dillmann
Story Theory and story-telling Wordshops for teachers, parents and therapists of children with autism, attention disorders or Asperger's Syndrome. The wordshops, which are run by Dr Dorian Haarhoff together with Petra Dillmann, director od the Autism Association of Namibia, have shown that stories are particularly suited to approach the specific needs of autistic childeren.

"I wish to facilitate story workshops because stories appeal to all the five senses. In appealing to both parts of the brain, they have a way of getting through to people despite the loss of one of the senses (in this case hearing or sight). Stories also reach people where certain neural pathways are blocked because of a degree of mental handicap."

Dr. Dorian Haarhoff


Retrieving Stolen Moments
2016 – 2017 Basel, Bayreuth, Windhoek

Baby Doeseb, Aino Moongo, Thorsten Schütte

Twentieth-century Namibian dances are reconstructed in a video installation and photo exhibition showing professional dancers re-enacting the dance moves described by elderly witnesses to history. At the same time, a map is created of now largely defunct performance venues, concert halls and dance halls.

"Many of the popular dance traditions that carried people through the dark times of apartheid and war in Namibia are now being lost as new trends take over. In this case, I think that it is of great importance that we not only conserve but preserve and record these popular dance styles."

Tuli Shityuwete, First Rain Dance Theater, Windhoek

History Documentary Film Workshops
2016 – Windhoek
Richard Pakleppa
At this workshop, Namibian academics and film makers develop the conceptual and methodological frames and the specific historical topics for the production of eight historical documentary films.