Project archive

European Conference of African Studies (ECAS)
2017 - Basel
Dr. Veit Arlt – Centre für African Studies Basel
Co-financing of the travel and accommodation costs for doctoral candidates and established academics from southern Africa at the European Conference of African Studies in summer 2017 in Basel and financing the participation of Prof. Teresa Cruz e Silva from Maputo (Mosambik) at the Basler Summer School in African Studies taking place simultaneously.

Namibian Story-telling Wordshops
2017 – Windhoek
Dr. Dorian Haarhoff & Petra Dillmann
The Story Theory and story-telling Wordshops conducted in coordination with the Autism Association of Namibia since 2015 for children suffering from autism, attention deficit disorders or the Asperger-syndrome and their teachers, parents and therapists was this time related to the work of Dr Petro Kimberg, a social worker for emotionally neglected street children.

Scientific Society Swakopmund
2017 – Swakopmund
Swakopmund Museum
Financial contribution to renewal works.

«Museum cooperation between Africa and Europe: Opportunities, Challenges, Modalities»

2016 - Zürich
Dr. Thomas Laely, Ethnographic Museum
Taking over the travel and accommodation costs of the lecturers from Namibia and South Africa.

Jewish Digital Archive Project
2015 - 2017
South African Jewish Museum (SAJM)
Directed by Gavin Morris and curated by Lynn Shapiro the stories of South African Jews were digitized and made accessible as an online socio-historical archive. In a second step oral-history-interviews and corresponding publications were added.
Jewish Digital Archive Project

Festschrift for Prof. em. Therese Steffen
2017 – University of Basel
Oliver Moreillon
The Foundation covered the type-setting and printing costs fort he edited volume Cities in Flux: Metropolitan Spaces in South African Literary and Visual Texts. The Foundation’s contribution towards the Festschrift expresses ist sincere gratidue for the long-standing cooperation with Professor Steffen.

Research Residency in Basel
2017 – Percy Zvomuya
The Foundation granted the Zimbabwean journalist Percy Zvomuya a residency of one month in Basel during which he worked with the BAB collections of the journalist Ruth Weiss and various Swiss advocacy groups.

Namibian Story-telling Wordshops
2016 – Windhoek
Dr. Dorian Haarhoff & Petra Dillmann
Story Theory and story-telling Wordshops for teachers, parents and therapists of children with autism, attention disorders or Asperger's Syndrome. The wordshops, which are run by Dr Dorian Haarhoff together with Petra Dillmann, director of the Autism Association of Namibia, have shown that stories are particularly suited to approach the specific needs of autistic childeren.

Retrieving Stolen Moments
2016 – 2017 Basel, Bayreuth, Windhoek
Baby Doeseb, Aino Moongo, Thorsten Schütte
Twentieth-century Namibian dances are reconstructed in a video installation and photo exhibition showing professional dancers re-enacting the dance moves described by elderly witnesses to history. At the same time, a map is created of now largely defunct performance venues, concert halls and dance halls.

"Many of the popular dance traditions that carried people through the dark times of apartheid and war in Namibia are now being lost as new trends take over. In this case, I think that it is of great importance that we not only conserve but preserve and record these popular dance styles."                                                     Tuli Shityuwete, First Rain Dance Theater, Windhoek

History Documentary Film Workshops
2016 – Windhoek
Richard Pakleppa
At this workshop, Namibian academics and film makers develop the conceptual and methodological frames and the specific historical topics for the production of eight historical documentary films.

Festschrift Prof. Patrick Harries

2015 - Basel

Pascal Schmid, Center for African Studies Basel

Published by the Basler Afrika Bibliographien the Festschrift Explorations in African History: Reading Patrick Harries recognises the fourteen years of research and teaching of Professor Patrick Harries at the University of Basel.

Explorations in African History - Reading Patrick Harries

Photographs beyond ruins - the old location albums of Usakos, 1920s - 1960s
2014 - 2015 Usakos, Cape Town, Windhoek, Basel

Dr. Giorgio Miescher, Dr. Lorena Rizzo

Heretofore unpublished private photographs by four Namibian women were correlated with contemporary pictures taken by the photographer Paul Grendon. His images reflect the traces of the past in the landscape of Usakos. The Photographs Beyond Ruins exhibition was a collaboration of the Universities of Basel and Namibia and is shown as a permanent exibition in Usakos. It was on display in Southern Africa, Basel and further destinations in Europe and the United States.

Workshop Social Policy and Regimes of social welfare in Africa
2014 - Fribourg
Dr. Daniel Künzler

Together with the chair of sociology, Social Work and Social Policy at the University of Fribourg the Swiss Society for African Studies SGAS-SSEA organized an international workshop, .

Ongulumbashe: Paths to Freedom
2010 - Windhoek
Richard Pakleppa
Ongulumbashe: "Paths to Freedom" tells the life stories of men and women who experienced the guerilla war against South African rule in Ongulumbashe. Serving as a "memory bank" of interviews and materials, the film helps preserve Namibia's historical heritage.

"Rather than being a triumphalist military history the proposed film looks at the initimate and private experiences of the women and men who started and sustained a truly heroic people's struggle at huge cost to themselves."

Richard Pakleppa

Exhibition Stolen Moments - Namibian Music History Untold   
2010 - 2014, Windhoek
Baby Doeseb, Aino Moongo, Thosten Schütte
Stolen Moments ist eine erinnerungsarchäologische Spurensuche. Eine Rekonstruktion von Liedgut und Musikgeschichte, die vom unmittelbaren Verschwinden bedroht ist.
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Exhibition What we See                                                       
2008 - 2014, Windhoek, Basel, Wien, Berlin
Dr. Anette Hoffmann
Based on historical sound recordings as well as photographs and travel diaries found in the collection the exhibition What We See critically examines the production of Hans Lichtenecker’s anthropometric archive 

2013, Basel
Published quarterly, the afrika-bulletin delivers up-to-date, sophisticated contextual information on African issues. A one-of-a-kind journal, it is intimately connected to Basel. Produced in collaboration with the CASB, it increasingly focuses on research results in addition to the perspective of NGOs.

Conference Re-Figuring the South African Empire
2013, Basel
Dr. Giorgio Miescher, Dr. Lorena Rizzo
Held in Basel, the international conference Re-Figuring the South African Empire centres on the historical concept of a South African Empire. It examins and discusses its meaning and use in understanding the history of southern Africa from diverse regional and thematic viewpoints.

Publication Catalogue of the Khoisan Folktales                                                     
2013 Dr. Sigrid Schmidt
The catalogue provides an inventory of published and unpublished folktales. It includes comprehensive indices, making the catalogue useful not just for narratology, but for all disciplines involving African intellectual life.

Story-telling Workshops for staff who teach children with hearing impairment and for children with hearing impairment
2012, Windhoek
Dr. Dorian Haarhoff
Research shows that many deaf children miss out on story-telling because their command of language is poor. This is more problematic in a country such as Namibia where English is the child's second or third language. Learners also experience problems in understanding symbolism which is the 'language' of story.

Teaching and Exhibition Fields of Play. Football Memories & Forced Removals in Cape Town
2008 - 2010, Basel, Cape Town, University of Basel, District Six Museum

Lehrauftrag Prof Therese Steffen Literatur des südlichen Afrikas
2001- 2010, Basel, Universität Basel

Creative Journal Course for Student Teachers and Staff at the Khomasdal Campus of University of Namibia
2010, Windhoek, Dr. Dorian Haarhoff, more

AEGIS Thematic conference Living the City
2010, Basel, Center of African Studies Basel

Creative Journal Coursse for Student Teachers and Staff at the Windhoek College for Education
2010, Windhoek, Dr. Dorian Haarhoff, more

Project History of African Teacher Training in South/Southern Africa
2010, Basel, Prof. Patrick Harries

ABORNE Conference How is Africa Transforming Border Studies?
2009, Johannesburg, Dr. Gregor Dobler,

Assistenzstelle Christine Giustizieri
2009, Basel, Center for African Studies Basel

Lehrauftrag Miescher Übung: Eine Ausstellung zur Geschichte des Fussballs in Kapstadt
2009, Basel, Historisches Seminar der Universität Basel

SGAS/SSEA Conference Afrika on the Move
2009, Neuchâtel, Dr. Raffaele Poli

Research and Teaching Fellowship Prof. Nick Shepherd
2009, Basel, Center for African Studies Basel

Creative Journal Course for Student Teachers and Staff at the Windhoek College for Education
2009, Windhoek, Dr. Dorian Haarhoff, more

Extraorinariat Prof Patrick Harries Geschichte des Südlichen Afrikas
2001 - 2008, Basel, Universität Basel

VAD/SGAS Tagung Grenzen und Übergänge
2008, Basel, Freiburg, Center for African Studies Basel

Anthropology Southern Africa Annual Conference Anthropology in Southern Africa, and Beyond.
2008, Bellville, Prof Heike Becker

Research for autobiography Memoirs of a motherless Child
2008, Basel, Lewis Nkosi

Creative Journal Course for Student Teachers at the Windhoek College for Education
2008, Windhoek, Dr. Dorian Haarhoff, more

Conference The Secular in the Spiritual
2007, Basel, Marcel Dreier

Project with Kwandiwe Kondlo Land Reform Politics in South Africa after the fall of Apartheid
2007, Basel, Prof Patrick Harries

Workshop with Walima Kalusa Transfer and Translation: History of mission Medicine and Cultures of Healing in Africa
2007, Basel Prof Patrick Harries

European Students' Africa Conference Contemporary Encounters: Europe and Africa
2007, Basel, Anna Vögeli

Gymnasium Neufeld: Namibia Projekt der Klasse 2GHa
2007, Bern, Benjamin Affolter

Stadtrundgang Afrikastudien
2007, Basel, Center for African Studies Basel

Lecture Series Great Books on Africa - Africana in Basel
2007, Basel, Center for African Studies Basel

Exhibition Plakate im Kampf. Bilder und Öffentlichkeit der Befreiungsgeschichte Namibias
2006, Basel, Dag Henrichsen, Giorgio Miescher

SGAS/SSEA Forum Afrikastudien 2006 Bilderwelten und populäre Kultur
2006, Zürich, Dr Lilo Roost Vischer

SGAS/SSEA Conference A new mission for Africa?
2005, Lausanne, Dr Lilo Roost Vischer

SGAS/SSEA Publication Werkschau Afrikastudien 5
2005, Dr Lilo Roost Vischer

Writing the Stories: The AIDS experience of Namibian children
2005, Windhoek, Dr. Dorian Haarhoff, more

Computer lab at St. Boniface College
2005, Rundu, Shambyu Catholic Mission

Publication Schweiz - Afrika (18. - 20. Jahrhundert): Vom Sklavenhandel zum Ende des Apartheid-Regimes
2005, Sandra Bott, Thomas David, Claude Lützelschwab, Janick Schaufelbuehl

Publication Finding Feet Conference. Theater Education and Training in the SADC Region
2005, Terence Zeeman

Publication Die Expeditionen der Familie Marshall. Eine Untersuchung zur ethnographischen Erforschung der Nyae Nyae !Kung
2004, Dr. Sonia Speeter-Blaudszun

Regio Basiliensis Sonderheft 2/2004: Basel und Afrika - eine 200jährige Tradition
2004, Dr. Jürg Rohner

Publication Getting Pictures Right. Context and Interpretation
2004, Michael Albrecht, Veit Arlt, Barbara Müller, Jürg Schneider

My Story: Building Self Esteem through Story-Telling and Writing
2004, Walvis Bay, Dr. Dorian Haarhoff, more

Research Project 'Ghosts in the Bush' John Liebenberg's war photography in northern Namibia and southern Angola
2003, Bellville, Prof Patricia Hayes

Publication Ox Wagon Sentinel
2003, Prof Christoph Marx

Exhibition Swiss in South Africa - a historical portrait
2003, Cape Town, Adolphe Linder

Publication Come Talk your Heart
2003, Windhoek, Terence Zeeman

Getting Pictures Right Symposium in Honour of Paul Jenkins
2003, Basel, Dr Veit Arlt

Conference Imperial Culture in Countries without Colonies: Africa and Switzerland
2003, Basel, Prof Patrick Harries

Orange Farm Project ANSAI Primary School
2002, Orange Farm

SGAS/SSEA Forum Afrikastudien
2002, Dr. Lilo Roos Vischer

Publication Challenges for Anthropology
2002, Dr Debbie le Beau

Publication Namibian Society Sociology
2002, Volker Winterfeldt, Tom Fox, Pempelani Mufune

Workshop Story-Telling and Writing
2001, Dr. Dorian Haarhoff

Conference Pubic History - Forgotten History
2000, Windhoek, University of Namibia

Conference The Challenge for Anthropology in the African Renaissance
2000, Windhoek, Association for Anthropology in Southern Africa

Conference Tourism in Developement
2000, Windhoek, Dr Fritz Becker

SGAS/SSEA Forum Afrikastudien
2000, Dr. Beat Sottas

Gastlehrauftrag Christoph Marx
1998 - 2000, Universität Basel

Elim Care Group Project
2000, Dr Erika Sutter

Conference 10 Years of Independence
2000, Windhoek, Dr Jeremy Silvester

Life Stories: Writing in the Townships
1999, Dr. Dorian Haarhoff

Conference 10 Years of Independence
1999, Windhoek, Dr Jeremy Silvester

SGA/SSEA Forum Young Africanists

AMSAI School Orange Farm: Literacy and Language Program
1998, Orange Farm

Gastlehrauftrag Albert Wirz
1997 - 1998, Universität Basel

Life Stories: Writing with the Elderly
1997, Dr. Dorian Haarhoff

Publication The Colonising Camera. Photographs in the Making of Namibian History
1996,Wolfram Hartmann, Jeremy Silverster, Patricia Hayes

Project Kaokofeld
1996, Giorgio Miescher, Lorena Rizzo

Afrika Komitee Basel
1995, Dr Barbara Müller

Creative Writing Phase I & II
1995, Dr. Dorian Haarhoff