Research and documentation

The Carl Schlettwein Foundation funds documentation and research projects on Namibia and southern Africa. Individual proposals are considered vis-à-vis other projects and structures funded or slated for funding by the Foundation. Details on how to apply may be found under


Cataloguing existing collections and creating new ones 


Of particular interest are projects that strive to process archival materials or to create new collections and therewith make them available to scholars, the general public and future generations. Such projects typically include a component of imparting knowledge – the processed materials are usually transferred to the Basler Afrika Bibliographien and the National Archives of Namibia in Windhoek 

Another focus is on projects that bring together existing academic structures and networks; these aim to position and strengthen Foundation-supported structures, such as the Basler Afrika Bibliographien and the University of Basel’s Centre for African Studies, in other academic and non-academic settings.