Project funding

The Carl Schlettwein Foundation awards scholarships to Namibian students and supports documentation and research projects on Namibia and southern Africa. Individual proposals are considered vis-à-vis other projects and structures funded by the Foundation.


Linking project funding and structural funding to multiply the impact of resources invested


The Carl Schlettwein Foundation’s support activities seek to promote and expand research on Namibia and southern Africa. In addition to funding structural bases for research, this means strengthening education in Namibia and awarding scholarships to Namibian students as well as supporting individual documentation and research projects.

The Carl Schlettwein Foundation furthers educational structures in Namibia by facilitating support workshops and awarding scholarships to those pursuing a master’s degree in education. Recipients are frequently already working within Namibia’s education system or are slated to do so.

By providing scholarships to Namibian students, the Carl Schlettwein Foundation strengthens the local academic landscape. It is especially gratifying when scholarship recipients are able to impart their newly acquired skills to others once they return to teach in academia or the broader education system.

Documentation and research
The documentation and research projects supported are typically closely linked with the educational structures advanced by the Carl Schlettwein Foundation, thus achieving a multiplier effect with the resources invested. Most of the projects emphasise exchange and promote transnational cooperation.