Scholarship applications

Scholarship applications for Namibian students are only accepted based on a teacher’s recommendation and may only be submitted by a supervising professor at a university in southern Africa. In the event a scholarship is awarded, the Carl Schlettwein Foundation and the applicant will draft a scholarship agreement, which must also be signed by the scholarship recipient.


Scholarship application criteria


Applications must be submitted by a supervisor, the applicant, on behalf of a specific student, the beneficiary. Once the scholarship expires, the applicant may submit an application on behalf of another student. 

The applicant is responsible for ensuring the quality of the application and must provide a realistic assessment of the beneficiary’s academic merit. The applicant is also responsible for ensuring communication with the Carl Schlettwein Foundation and adhering to the terms of agreement.

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There is no entitlement to obtain Foundation resources. The decisions of the Board are incontestable

Applications may be submitted at two times during the year. The submission deadlines are 28 February and 30 September, respectively. Applications are typically processed and decided upon by the Board of Trustees within 6–8 weeks of the submission deadline.

Applications are processed provided the documents adhere to the Scholarship application guidelines and are received in full by the submission deadline.

  • The beneficiary must be a Namibian citizen.
  • The application must pertain to postgraduate training following completion of a bachelor’s degree.
  • The relevant studies must be in the humanities or on behalf of a library or archival training.
  • The beneficiary must study at a university in southern Africa. This includes Angola, Sambia, Malawi, Moçambique and all countries south of them.
Exclusion criteria
  • Studies in other countries, exchange years, etc. are not eligible for support.
  • No retroactive, ex post funding will be granted.
Scholarship agreement
In the event a scholarship is awarded, the Carl Schlettwein Foundation, the applicant and the beneficiary will establish an agreement that includes the following points, at minimum:
  • The Carl Schlettwein Foundation shall be granted the right of first publication of the beneficiary’s thesis, within the BAB Publishing House.
  • The thesis will be made available to the Carl Schlettwein Foundation free of charge so that it may be made freely accessible in the BAB Library.
  • The beneficiary shall indicate the support of the Carl Schlettwein Foundation in any and all resulting publications.

Payment frequency and interim reports
Multi-year scholarships are normally disbursed in one-year instalments at the beginning of each calendar year, but only following receipt of an interim report.

The interim report must include both a report by the beneficiary and an assessment of the beneficiary’s progress written by the applicant, in addition to a brief outlook on the coming year.

Guidelines for applications
Scholarship agreement outline
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